You have bought a cheap domain name but now don’t know what to do next. To figure out your next stop you have to think about your goals. What do you want to do with the domain name? You could either build a website, keep it as an investment or use it to redirect traffic to another website.

Create a Website

You can create a website on this new domain for whatever purpose. The first step in launching a website is buying website hosting which is different than domain hosting but sometimes they are sold together as a bundle. The hosting packages are paid for monthly or annually.

If there is some time to go till your website is launched, then upload an ‘under construction’ page to let visitors know that this website will be up and functional soon. The construction page can be in the theme colors and feature the logo if you already have that designed. Also announcing a launch date will let people know when to check back.

 The website designing process is the most time consuming because every aspect of every page has to be customized. This can be done with the help of a professional or completely on your own. If the website hosting offers the website builder function, then it can be done by you.

Keep it as an Investment

Investing in domain hosting is not something new. Cheap domains with popular phrases or keywords are snatched fast and then resold at a profit. To make sure your investment does not go to waste the first step you should take is advertise the availability of the domain name. When people find out it is for sale they will be lining up to buy it. There are several auction websites too where you can put up the domain such as Flippa, Snapnames and Sedo. Make sure to price it right and according to the worth of the keyword in the domain.

Use it to Redirect Traffic

 If the domain you have bought is your second one and you already have a full-fledged website running, then you can use it as a parked domain to redirect any visitors to your actual website. This is simple process which can be achieved through the cPanel.

With new domain hosting the possibilities of what you can do are endless. So, if you buy a domain and think it will go to waste then think again.

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