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ptions for domain name extensions are no longer limited to the traditional .com thanks to the explosion of new/generic top-level domains (gTLDs) to the domain name scene in recent years. This has opened a world of options to business startups. No longer constrained, they can now choose a domain name that is meaningful, relevant and memorable to customers.

Your website’s domain name is one of your strongest marketing assets. It is central to your online presence. With options like .me, .bike, .agency, .club, .photography, you have the chance to create a unique domain name that is not only cheap but also adds marketing value.

1. You can access a range of powerful yet cheap domains

Domain flipping is big business. Many individuals and corporations are in the business of scooping up domain names and parking them to sell later at absurd prices. This has made the domain names with traditional TLDs, especially .com, quite pricy. Any four-letter .com domain should set you back a few thousand dollars. You, like most startups may not have that much money to throw around on a domain name. By buying cheap domains with generic TLDs relevant to your business, you can save a lot of money. Such a relevant and meaningful domain should also drive organic web traffic to your site thus reducing your online marketing costs. You can also  buy a domain name in platforms such as Shopify, that are very secure and not so expensive.

2. Flexibility in choosing a domain name

With the pool of brandable and memorable .com domains rapidly shrinking, you may think that it’s impossible to get a suitable domain name for your business. There is no need to scour the web looking for quality expired domains or paying through the nose for a brandable .com domain. The long list of available new TLD extensions now allows you to secure a fantastic domain name for your business.

3. Branding potential is unlimited

The new domain extension options enable you to create a shorter and more memorable domain name for your business. You can get straight to the point in terms of what your business is offering especially if your business name shares your domain name. For example, superfood.store shortens the longer, less appealing superfoodstore.com.

Competitors cannot copy a variation of your domain to confuse your customers due to the introduction of brand-specific TLDs. These new, brand-specific TLDs are proprietary meaning that they can only be registered and used by the company that owns the name – an opportunity for businesses to create a brand driven presence on the internet.

4. You can create keyword-rich domain names which are good for SEO

All domain extensions stand on equal ground where ranking is concerned, that’s according to Google. What makes the difference when it comes to SEO performance is the quality of the domain name. A key-word rich domain name will always rank higher in a search for the keywords regardless of its TLD. That said, you should be careful when crafting your domain name. The new domain extensions allow you to cleverly enrich your domain name with keywords, which works to improve your SEO.

5. They are readily available

You do not have to go through the trouble of looking for the few remaining .com domain names. New domain extensions are readily available. You can procure them from any legitimate domain registrar or website host. A simple domain search on these platforms should show you the available names with the new TLDs.


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